Thursday, May 23, 2013

Man Period

by Adrienne L.

The room was completely dark
With only the streetlights outside 
Peeping through the window shutters.
We lay there embracing each other, holding on tight.
My arms wrapped around him and 
His around me.
He kisses me and strokes my face.
His breathing starts to grow longer and deeper.
His lips slow and eventually pause.
I hear a long inhale and feel his lips quivering against mine
I hear a trembling exhale and sniffles break the silence.
I think to myself, "What's happening?"
I realized I was witnessing this man cry for the first time.
He doesn't cry. Ever.
In shock, I attempt to help him wipe his tears.
I ask him what is wrong.
"I've never been so happy in my life," he says.
"I had never thought the feelings I have for you were possible.
That is all I want in my life; to be with you, rich or poor."
Smiling and laughing I ask if he is on his period. 
His tears have given me joy for I know that he is comfortable
Around me enough to show his emotions.
"I was crying because I really want to propose to you right now but I can't."
I don't need any of that. 
As long as I get to see that smile,
There's nothing I want more in the world than your happiness.
I'm truly blessed to have met you.
And I cannot wait to grow old with you.
To me, we are particles and atoms that return to the ground
Once we have had our time.
If there truly is a God, the time we've experienced together
Is proof alone.

I'm sorry if I embarrass you <3

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