Monday, June 17, 2013

It's Summer!

I finally have time to myself!

So last week was finals week and I finished my first year of university on Thursday.
It's such a relief to get a break since quarter systems go by so fast.
Anyway, for the next four days I was working and since I haven't been in the work force in awhile, an 8 hour shift was something I wasn't used to anymore.
I'm glad I got hours in especially because we were super busy for Father's Day but OH MY GOSH
I've never been so exhausted in my life. Everything was go-go-go. I was at work and when I wasn't I had to drive down for my high school teacher's retirement party or do other errands.
I don't think I've had an 8 hour sleep since before finals week...
But now that I don't have to work until next weekend I get to catch up on things I've been putting off for awhile...

I got a Russian Tortoise! (:
I've always wanted one but never really looked into getting one until recently.
They are usually pretty expensive ranging from $100-$150 normally. Mind you these are often wild caught animals. Captive bred are usually way more.
But the perfect opportunity came; Petsmart was having a sale on reptiles. And on top of this sale one of my uncles happens to be the manager and he was able to give me a limited time discount as well. So I ended up getting the tortoise for half the normal price. It was too good of a deal to skip.
So I got my very first tortoise and named it Potato!

Here's the story about the name:
For some reason I've always wanted to get a fat cat and name it Potato just for fun but I don't like the idea of a stinky litter box in the house so since I know I'd never own a cat I figured Potato would be a perfect name for this little guy.  They're both roughly the same size and similar shape and Russian Tortoises like to dig underground while potato spuds are found underground!
Very stupid comparison and completely random name but I think its cute.

When I first got him it was super wary of people and when handled he peed and pooped everywhere ):
But I've been carrying him and bringing him outside and hand feeding him everyday. Slowly but surely he's getting used to me and doesn't cringe as much when I get near. I've also been able to stroke his head a couple times. Antisocial but the cutest little thing ever! He's also a pig when it comes to food. I just kept feeding him because he'd never stop eating but I read that Russians can overeat which may lead to development problems. I guess I have to cut down on how much I give him.. It's just too fascinating to watch and its the only thing I know I can do that would get him to get used to me..
Anyway I'd like to introduce you to the newest family member for the next 50 years: