Tuesday, September 18, 2012

FAV #4

Here are the new favorites list for fall. 
(someone's birthday is coming up...) ;)

1. Floral belt from Modcloth
2. Skirt from Modcloth
3. This green train case via Etsy
4. The Walking Dead comic book.
5. Cute mushroom necktie on Etsy
6. Vintage fern print
7. Forest sandals via Modcloth
8 .Purple necktie from the same shop
9. These peeptoe clogs from Lotta From Stockholm

Its been a hectic few weeks for me since I've moved to a new location and adjusting to everything
if you had noticed I've been sans posts. The only thing that's changed is me trying to figure out how to 
customize the layout. My HTML skills have gotten a bit rusty and I am ashamed.
My first day of school is in two days so I've been getting ready for that.
It's exciting but also nerve wracking going to a new school. 
I hope things settle down soon so I can focus on blogging a little more.

Have a great Tuesday!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Today, Steven had a break from classes so we planned a lunch date. I prepared everything the night before and we set out a picnic at Craig Park.  I packed sandwiches and made pasta salad for the first time. Fruit salad was included with other snacks and I whipped up some super yummy mint watermelonade (watermelon & lemonade). The picnic was so perfect that a stranger even stopped by and  offered to take a picture of us! Everything turned out amazing and I had such a great time; I kind of wished we didn't have to rush so much. I think people should take the time to sit and enjoy the outdoors once in awhile. I personally think it's good for the soul.


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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

There hasn't been much going on lately.
Except MOVING!
Because school would be a big commute for where I'm living now, I'm moving back into my old home with my grandmother. It's going to be a huge change and I'm a bit nervous for it. I've been gone for at least six years already. I am excited to come back to my childhood though. I'll be able to see my friends from jr high again and explore where I grew up.
Other than packing and making the drive back and forth, I haven't done much and it's starting to bum me out. I feel so unproductive that I've taken up a new hobby of pinning dead insects and crustaceans... Sounds terrible, I know. This activity may seem gross to most people-- since it consists of handling icky bugs. But I am so fascinated by the results. Displaying insects look so cool when they're all together in a display case. (The animals I pinned have been found dead, whether outside or jumped out of my fish tank ): ).
I'm really getting antsy not having any plans so school should help me get back into a routine and feel more busy.


UPDATE (4/11/13)
Wow looking back at this post embarrasses me.
This is just crap work. Sheer boredom I must say.
Well thank goodness I've been stepping it up lately.
I purchased a shadow box and have been trying to pin REAL insects,
none if this piece by piece what-cha-ma-call-it..
I will post when it's complete :)