Sunday, October 28, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Since my mom and I have birthdays fairly close to each other we decided to throw a birthday party last weekend.  Friends and family came and we set the decorations up in our back yard.  My parents decided to go all out for this party and hire a taco caterer.  Since this was going to be the "last big birthday" they wanted to do something fun.  Everyone had an amazing time and there was dancing, basketball, and tequila shots.  I walked into my house to see a bunch of toddlers dancing to the infamous Gangnam Style.  It was the funniest thing.  I heard even my grandma was dancing later that now.  Now there's something you need to know. My mom is definitely not a drinker.  She's told me in the past she thinks she's had a shot of vodka before. But that was it.  Since we were both turning a celebratory age this year she agreed to take not one but THREE shots with me.  I was speechless really.. To be honest I was hoping to see her drunk as it is a side I've never seen before. But I think with all the tacos, cakes, and pies she had almost no effect.. (bummer).  My family isn't usually the type to drink at get togethers either.  If anything its usually the occasional beer or some wine but everyone was lining up to try the tequila.  It felt like the Twilight Zone.
I do want to thank everyone for joining us and being a part of our shindig.  But I especially want to thank my mother for putting this all together.  I know right now isn't the best time to be spending money like that but she wanted me to have a good time.  We all worked really hard to make the party look nice.  I am truly blessed to have all these people in my life.  I love you mama. (:

Again, sorry for lagging on posts. Midterms are endless with the quarter system I'm starting to discover.
Back to studying I goo.


I haven't had all the pictures sent to me but I will post more of them as soon as I receive them.
Because I was pretty busy that day I asked Steven and some family members to snap some quick photos for me. So the majority of these pictures don't belong to me.

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