Tuesday, October 2, 2012

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Since I've moved away from home I've just been trying to focus on school and keeping busy instead of letting my mind wander and become homesick. I've been spending more time with my cousin, Geoffrey. He got me into collecting comic books somehow. In the beginning I had no idea what we were doing I was thinking, "Hey, these look nice I'll just get them." But now that he's explained to me about the New 52 series and how this is our chance to collect the first issues, I caved in. Knowing that they will be very valuable in a few years we've been going to comic book stores every week. I try not to buy too much- just enough so that I can complete a series. But I cannot imagine how much my Geoffrey has spent on comics. He's shed at least $3-400. We also went to the Anthology Comic book signing at Phat Collectibles. Writers and artists of DC comics were there. I felt like such a geek but it was an interesting experience. Before school started I was not happy with my choice of universities. I thought my school was outdated and needed so much work. But now that I've been going and able to see everything, it really is a beautiful school. True, there are some things that need remodeling and their architecture isn't the most practical, but what CalPoly has unlike others is greenery. There are tons of trees and grasses for you to relax at. We have a green house that mimics the rainforest with a caiman display. The entire campus consists of steep hills and stairs so I'm hoping that will whip me into some kind of shape. But what really got me was driving up to this one parking lot in the morning. The first day of school I was in awe when I drove up this secluded winding road. The morning fog reflected the sun and glowed between the trees and as you're driving you can see a shepherd herding the sheep and cows grazing. Now every time I go to school it's the most peaceful, beautiful thing I look forward to in the morning. I'm usually a very timid person so making friends has been slow. I talk to a few people in my class but that's as far as it goes. So I've been trying to join clubs to force myself to meet more people. So far I'm a member of the Geological Society. This club mostly consists of GIS majors but I joined because they love the outdoors and enjoy camping. Every year they plan trips to Big Bear, Joshua Tree, etc. Just my cup of tea. So I will be looking forward to adventures with the folk.
I don't want to cut this short now my class will be starting soon.

Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. Your school looks beautiful! Love your pictures!