Tuesday, September 18, 2012

FAV #4

Here are the new favorites list for fall. 
(someone's birthday is coming up...) ;)

1. Floral belt from Modcloth
2. Skirt from Modcloth
3. This green train case via Etsy
4. The Walking Dead comic book.
5. Cute mushroom necktie on Etsy
6. Vintage fern print
7. Forest sandals via Modcloth
8 .Purple necktie from the same shop
9. These peeptoe clogs from Lotta From Stockholm

Its been a hectic few weeks for me since I've moved to a new location and adjusting to everything
if you had noticed I've been sans posts. The only thing that's changed is me trying to figure out how to 
customize the layout. My HTML skills have gotten a bit rusty and I am ashamed.
My first day of school is in two days so I've been getting ready for that.
It's exciting but also nerve wracking going to a new school. 
I hope things settle down soon so I can focus on blogging a little more.

Have a great Tuesday!

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