Tuesday, October 9, 2012


A couple of months ago I was browsing band tours on Ticketmaster. I typed in Florence and the Machine and voila! tickets were to be on sale the following Monday! I was so excited. Then it dawned on me that I could get these tickets as an early anniversary present for Steven since it was in October.
I tried keeping it a secret but apparently he heard KROQ announce the concert on the radio...

Sunday was the day of the concert so we finally went on a date (since moving we haven't really gotten to see each other for long periods of time). Steven picked me up and we stopped by this really cool vintage store called Super Thrift in La Habra. With the word "thrift" in there I was expecting an actual thrift store. It turned out to be more of a fashionable vintage store. They had great customer service and very wide collection of things. Some of their prices are pretty reasonable and some were overpriced.
After browsing we headed over to Hollywood and had an early dinner at The Safe House. It's a Thai sports bar/restaurant. I love their style. The interior had exposed bricks, wood, and concrete, giving it an industrial feel. The food there is delicious and they put effort to make their dishes look gourmet. Every dish is super colorful it looks almost too pretty to eat. Sike. No food it too pretty for me not to eat it.
We arrived early at the Hollywood Bowl and waited until it was time to find our seats. There were so many different kinds of people attending. I love people watching and I love looking at how people dress. The opening bands were the Macabees and The Weekend. Both were just ok to me. However it seems like The Weekend is pretty well known since everyone was screaming. Florence and the Machine was of course amazing. I think they had to dim the sound system because they sounded much farther away than the other bands. But I'm pretty sure it was probably because Florence sings so high pitch. She was so humorous and energetic. Jokes were constantly being made and she told everyone to get up and hug each other and jump around.
The only bad thing that came out of it was the people sitting next to me. I recently caught a cold and had bad sinuses. But the couple next to me chose to light a joint and smoke marijuana right next to me. The smoke gave me an allergy attack and I did not appreciate it at all. (say no to drugs!)
Other than that it was a wonderful date night and I look forward to many more with Steven.

Have a great tuesday!

Shirt from Anthropologie
Skirt and belt from Modcloth
Shoes from eBay

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  1. We were still at OCC when you told me you got Steven those tickets. Now we're both at different colleges, turning and soon-to-be 21! You look great! Miss you, have a wonderful birthday =)