Monday, October 15, 2012

FAV #5

Blogger and artist Eng Gee Fan has the cutest posts and drawings. She seems to be full of creativity and her minimal yet colorful work amazes me. Check out her site at
I know summer just ended but I recently saw this one piece and I LOVE IT.  Being a Star Wars fan this would be awesome to have.
I love the little butts on these antique planters :p

This hat is to die for.  I love how the colors go so well with each other.  I can't wait for winter!
This chain necklace
This temporary tattoo is hilarious.  I just love the graphic done by These Are Things.  The couple is very talented and their designs are super adorable.

A little update:
The quarter system has finally kicked in and I've been bombarded with assignments and midterms. So I've been spending my breaks studying or trying to get work done.  It seems like all the teachers making everything due at once.  They're doing it on purpose I bet.  Kidding... sorta.
Anyway, his past weekend was also my 21st birthday. (whoooo...) I had an amazing time. But I'll save that for another post.

Have a good night!

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