Friday, May 3, 2013


After almost a year of being jobless, I've been desperately applying everywhere due to the stress of being broke and running out of money.  Anywayyy... I got calls for several interviews this week and job offers that were just too far to be worth it.. Until today. Two companies both called me today offering me a position. Huzzah! HOWEVER! I wasn't sure which one to pick. They were both relatively the same level but different fields of work. I wish I could take both jobs and just work in the summer but since school isn't over yet I don't have the time. ):
I finally decided on one place. Although the work environment isn't my ideal option, most of the employees I've met so far seem to be amazingly nice and they seem pretty flexible.
I'm hoping things will go well; I'm super stoked on meeting new people.

After a year of just being a full time student it's going to be a tough adjustment to get back into the work force. From working almost full time before to zilch is pretty drastic.

That's my little rave on the incoming paychecks I will receive. (:
Yay for shopping! (But first bills....)

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