Tuesday, September 4, 2012

There hasn't been much going on lately.
Except MOVING!
Because school would be a big commute for where I'm living now, I'm moving back into my old home with my grandmother. It's going to be a huge change and I'm a bit nervous for it. I've been gone for at least six years already. I am excited to come back to my childhood though. I'll be able to see my friends from jr high again and explore where I grew up.
Other than packing and making the drive back and forth, I haven't done much and it's starting to bum me out. I feel so unproductive that I've taken up a new hobby of pinning dead insects and crustaceans... Sounds terrible, I know. This activity may seem gross to most people-- since it consists of handling icky bugs. But I am so fascinated by the results. Displaying insects look so cool when they're all together in a display case. (The animals I pinned have been found dead, whether outside or jumped out of my fish tank ): ).
I'm really getting antsy not having any plans so school should help me get back into a routine and feel more busy.


UPDATE (4/11/13)
Wow looking back at this post embarrasses me.
This is just crap work. Sheer boredom I must say.
Well thank goodness I've been stepping it up lately.
I purchased a shadow box and have been trying to pin REAL insects,
none if this piece by piece what-cha-ma-call-it..
I will post when it's complete :)

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