Sunday, August 19, 2012

Yesterday my mom and I went to Downtown Fullerton to participate in Oh, Hello Friend's vintage warehouse sale. Bloggers and amazing vendors such as Cakies3 Ring CircusWe Love CitrusThe Salvage LifeMisha LuluFound Vintage Rentals, and many others came to show off and sell their fabulous creations and finds. There were people peaking around and gathering an hour earlier than our opening time. It was just the beginning of everyones' successful day. Even though the heat was hard to bear, it didn't seem to stop fans from coming and shopping. Most of the time the warehouse was packed to a seemingly claustrophobic point. It was wonderful meeting such beautiful people and inspiring seeing how passionate they are at what they do. I have much respect for these strong men and women, witnessing the drive they have in doing what they love most. I hope to meet everyone again and be able to converse more since everyone was busy attending to customers. Thank you so much Danni for this wonderful opportunity. We are truly grateful you considered including us in your event.


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