Tuesday, July 3, 2012


It's good to be back! Two weeks ago I flew into Denver, Colorado where Steven came to meet me. I was given a warm welcome from him and his cutest brothers. Daniel, 6, and Isaiah, 11, have the funniest personalities. For a week I came to get to know Colorado. I was able to finally meet his dad who joked around a lot and gave me the "Royal Treatment". They definitely made me feel at home. I've never been so grateful to have met such wonderful people and I hope to come back soon. We explored the Red Rocks, downtown Denver, Boulder Creek, the town Steven was born, and I got to see a few thrift stores (My favorite!). Items at thrift shops are ridiculously cheaper there compared to ones at home I found amazing bargains. Some will be added to my shop so please sure to check it out and spread the word! (:
After a tearful good-bye we went on our way to Yellowstone to meet with his mom's side of the family. What was supposed to be an 8 hour drive turned into a 12 hour drive since our cabin was on the west side of the park and we came from the east entrance. With traffic and 130 miles of land, it seemed like forever. By that time we were exhausted and a little worried about not being able to find our way since we were losing signal on our phones and it was growing dark out. I took out the tour guide map and navigated the traditional way. Meeting his family was a blast. Everyone was so goofy and they would apologize for being so crazy then resume their antics once again. Although they figured I'd probably run off after finding out what kind of people they are I think meeting such amazing people the past 12 days has made me  grow to love Steven even more so. 
I will cut the stories short and let you guys take a look at my adventures. 
Some pictures were taken courtesy of my love.

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