Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Annual Spring Garden Show

Yesterday I went on a date with my mama. 
Every spring Crystal Court of South Coast Plaza holds a garden show and this was the first time we had ever gone.  And I gotta say it was AMAZINNNGG..
There was two or three floors of just PLANTS!
We both can't even remember what had happened that day because there was just so much to see.
What seemed like every millisecond we were saying "Oh my gosh! Look at that! Over there! Look at this!" I swear I could've probably injured my neck just looking at everything.
The bottom floor had landscape designs from companies and bonsai plants, garden plants, etc.  The top floor was all exotic orchids and tropical plants.
I'm too afraid to even calculate how much we spent on plants. We walked out of the mall beaming with excitement with about four bags of just plants.

I can't believe for years I've seen advertisements for this and have not once thought about going in there. But now I think I'm definitely going to go every year. (:

This was the first thing we saw walking in and guess what? It's made from my school! I LOVE the community college I came from and I could not be more proud of my school. I wish I had joined their horticulture team for this!

I have never seen so many air plants in one place. You can bet I bought some. ;) 
Orchids on a stick! How neat is that?!

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