Monday, August 27, 2012


Today I went to Thrift Shop Row in Orange. It's a plaza just lined up with thrift stores. I was in heaven. There were giant stores and small ones. Looking around gave me mixed feelings; the bigger stores were priced ridiculously and were borderline rip-off. But there was one small store that had super friendly employees that were willing to reduce prices. I wasn't able to find many clothes since they were expensive. But I did find a few knick knacks that were pretty cool. Overall, I feel that I may have spent a little more than I should have for my items.
 Got a black and white houndstooth sweater great for the fall
 A retro metal fruit bowl great for decorating
 This two-toned braided belt
 Found this hand embroidered burlap pennant from Nicaragua. The colors are amazing and the stitching is adorable. 
This has got to be the cutest doll
Vintage wooden rackets! 

Today probably wasn't the most bargain deal of the day but I was able to find some really neat stuff. I think I'd prefer going to thrift stores out of California since it's become such a trend to find vintage things around here. 

Have an amazing day!