Sunday, June 17, 2012

Creative with Calligraphy

The other day my boyfriend Steven and I were killing time and hanging out in my room.  I leave to go get something and as I walked back into my room I noticed he was hunched over my desk doing something.
I realized he had gone through the art box sitting on my desk and was attempting to write with my calligraphy pens.  He was using the very fine detailing pen to write and I started freaking out, worrying that he would damage it.  I explained to him which ones to use and how to use them.
A guess he got fed up with trying and began to start drawing with them...(shakes head)
He decided to draw a portrait of us but refused to let me see it until it was complete.
Around the middle of his little session he yelled out, "AWW MAN! Hey, do girls wear belts over their skirts because I accidentally drew you with one.."  I smiled, trying to hold back laughter, and told him it was possible for belts to be worn over clothing.
After about twenty minutes he finally showed me and I laughed so hard.  It looked as though a child had drawn it.  He then resumed to the desk and found my color pencils and decided he would add finishing touches.  Upon completion he said how it was probably the most effort he had ever put into a drawing.  It found it funny that he evened bothered to sign it.

(apparently this is his daily thought process...)

I'm pretty sure he's going to hate me for posting this but I just thought it was just so darn adorable.(:

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